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Interleave VR Mark One - Announcement Trailer

November 26, 2015 Update! We've been Greenlit
Interleave VR "Mark One" is now in early development!

Thanks to every single person who voted on this project, over the summer, Interleave VR was Greenlit! We made it! Thank you! This means the next part of the plan can be put into full motion: starting from scratch, the game will be rebuilt with improvements over the preliminary demo, notably the ability to expand the game and incorporate elements inspired from playtesting feedback.

While some aspects of Mark One will definitely resemble its predecessor, it should be shooting for higher ambitions and an overall much richer experience, especially for virtual reality! Stay tuned for more updates on the game's development and new elements, and do enjoy the new trailer up on this website!

July 31, 2014 Update! Preliminary Demo Version 2 Released!
DK2 Support, New Volcanic level, four new enemies including boss & miniboss; Non-vr version now with Mac support!

It finally all comes together for the preliminary demo! Fire up your brand new Oculus DK2 and venture into the world of VR shoot em' up action! Version 2 contains the final polish that gives this demo the giant lift it needed. Perfected aim mechanics, better collisions, grandly improved enemy movement & capability, difficulty settings, new enemies, a new powerup, a new boss and a whole new level: Interleave VR Preliminary Demo v2 is simply a new game!

From hereon, updates to the game will almost only address breaking bugs and hardware support (Oculus) improvements. Development of the full game, from a clean slate, should begin in September, hopefully yielding new playable content in the form for Interleave VR Beta Demo sometime around the holidays.

The Preliminary Demo was a concept build, outside of the alpha/beta stage process of development, and will remain free and available on this site the entire time.

A VR Fantasy Shoot 'Em Up
Interleave VR is a shoot 'em up for the Oculus Rift that introduces a unique VR-specific mechanic allowing for the comfortable use of third person view POV changhes in fully immersive virtual reality. While the game's basics are simple and intuitive - akin to playing Starfox, Nano Assault or Kid Icarus Uprising - the inner workings are designed exclusively for VR, providing a third person view concept that won't cause motion sickness even in the most sensitive of players and thus ensuring intense, sustained gameplay against relentless enemies, through obstacles and goals.

In addition to introducing a novel VR third-person cockpit POV transition mechanic, Interleave VR is charged with above-par graphics, cool spaceship models, in-game dialogue and the added punch of a driving soundtrack!

The game has been accepted on Steam Greenlight and is now in full development. The multi-POV shoot em' up should be suited with five to six levels along with transition "bonus" levels in between. Some additional new mechanics are also being considered. Development should last until sometime late 2016.