YouTube Proper Player Enforcer
UPDATE! The fiesty poor-quality HTML5 player was snuck into this tool a few weeks ago by YouTube. We've restored the functionality by making sure it would load Flash.
A pop-out function has been added to counter the likeliness that fullscreen won't work.

Pop-out player

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Why use Flash?
YouTube's new excuse for a video player is simply unacceptable. The HTML5 player lacks the support Flash delivers and has countless issues, ranging from black video all the way to to system crashes.
Why come here to use Flash?
This page will FORCE Flash no matter what. Google/YouTube have been actively trying to force in their new abomination, and this page is at the moment immune to these efforts as it uses the Flash-specific embed tag.
Is this video in 3D?
If you're seeing a 3D video on the player, click the settings icon to view more options like various 3D formats and of course the option of switching to 2D.